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Open day in Carmarthen Friday 17th November

As many of you will already know, our Carmarthen practice has had a complete refurbishment and we are so pleased with the result! Below are a few pictures of our fantastic new practice.

We will be holding an open day on Friday 17th November from 10.00am to 7.00pm. This will be the perfect opportunity for you all to come and see the new practice! We will have EXCLUSIVE offers for one day only, as well as a prize draw for a FREE DIOR FRAME! Our reps from Dior and Oliver Peoples will be on hand with the full collection of designer frames which will mean you will have exclusive access to these frames. We will also have the amazing DNEye scanner available for FREE vision optimization scans (usually costing £50.00!)

Our experienced opticians and dispensing opticians will be on hand to provide personalized frame and lens consultations so please call our Carmarthen practice to book your place on 01267 232487.



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Half Price Rodenstock Lenses

Our fantastic offer on Rodenstock lenses will be coming to an end on the 31/10/17 so make sure you don’t miss out! If you purchase a complete pair of spectacles (i.e frame and lenses) you will receive half price lenses in a second complete pair. This offer excludes netline frames.





Professional Certificate in Glaucoma

Our opticians Charlotte and Chris have recently undertaken higher qualifications in the early detection and management of Glaucoma. We would like to congratulate both of them as they have since been awarded with a Professional Certificate in Glaucoma from Cardiff University.

Glaucoma is the name given to a group of eye conditions that cause damage to the optic nerve leading to permanent loss of vision. Treatments for glaucoma, which include eye drops, can help to prevent visual loss from occurring. Early stage glaucoma is usually not symptomatic; however it can be detected during a normal eye test. As such regular eye examinations are essential particularly for patients aged over 40 or for those with a family history of glaucoma.

The Optomap Retinal Exam

Norma Davies Opticians offers the most technologically advanced retinal examination to date, the Optomap. Unlike standard retinal photography, the Optomap uses laser-scanning technology to create a large panoramic image, reaching the edges of the retina.  This ultra-wide view allows our optometrists to confidently confirm the health of your retina, or alternatively discover signs of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.



Taking just minutes to perform, the Optomap is a totally painless, non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require dilating eye drops. Our optometrists are able to view the results instantly and will be able to discuss their findings with you. We can then safely store a copy of the image with your records, so that any changes may be identified during future visits.

Optomap technology is currently only available at 5 locations in South Wales, two of which belong to the Norma Davies Opticians group. Please feel free to ask about an Optomap scan during your next eye examination.

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